Reusable Make-up Removing Cloths



You ready for this? Buckle up, its sounds too good to be true, but its what we’ve needed our whole life ladies! No more annoying nighttime make up removing routines.

A make up removing cloth that doesn’t require soap at all, JUST water! Even removes mascara and long wear lipstick without soap!

Microfiber reusable/washable make up removing cloths that will remove ALL of your make up WITHOUT any soap at all. You read that right, NO SOAP. Just get the cloth wet, and watch your make up wipe right off. Works best if you soften your mascara with water with your fingertips first.

Customized 14″ x 8″ rectangular shape, hanging loop, and a texture that has been designed to make sure all that make up comes off easily and in a few simple, gentle swipes. We can’t wait to blow your minds with these. A perfect gift for yourself and every single lady in your life.


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